Crowdfund Clicks is a crowdfund marketing service that stands out from all the other “low budget” alternatives. Although the service isn’t necessarily cheap, provides expert social media marketing for crowdfunders on a performance basis. That means you’re not going to pay a hefty price unless they get you results. This gives crowdfunders the flexibility they often needs when budgeting their crowdfund marketing efforts.

Why is Facebook marketing such a great fit for crowdfunding your new idea? It’s all about the targeting. If you’re not getting consistent new backers each day then its likely because you’re not reaching the right audience. Friends and family can help you get started but in order to really raise any decent funding you’re going to need to go beyond just your limited network. That’s why Facebook ads are so important for any successful Kickstarter project. Without Facebook your project can become isolated and start to slow down.

Facebook marketing is increasingly becoming the #1 driver of backers to any fully funded Kickstarter project. Entrepreneurs are starting to realize the importance of Facebook ads in particular as a method to get new backers and help launch their business. Bert from the Smart G-Bag Kickstarter project and heard how important Facebook ads were but had trouble launching his own ads. “Starting an ad on Facebook seemed easy getting results was not… I did not feel comfortable letting Facebook spend my money without any guarantee if it would do anything”, said Bert.

A recent report from Kickstarter Inc revealed that many crowdfunders like Bert try to do Facebook ads themselves but end up running into difficulties. Its normal if this is your first crowdfunding project. And even if you’ve crowdfunded before, social media marketing is tricky if you’re not an expert in Facebook ads marketing. What makes matters worse is how the tactics used by industry experts are always changing. What worked last year may not work today. That’s why more and more entrepreneurs are turning to performance marketing agencies like Crowdfund Clicks to manage their Facebook advertising for them.

After researching online and looking at all the different services, Bert used “Many services just wanted a flat fee upfront before even looking at my project. Then I was contacted by someone at Crowdfund Clicks who was actually willing to sit down with me and discuss my project and my exact situation.” Bert raised over fifty thousand dollars on his Kickstarter project, most of which he attributes to the Crowdfund Clicks marketing service.

While there are many ways to promote a Kickstarter project, more and more entrepreneurs who are serious about doing a big funding raise are taking advantage of the power of Facebook ads. First time crowdfunders who are just starting out can especially benefit. If you’re launching a new product or business for the first time, then you may not have a large following built yet. Facebook ads lets you reach millions of people without having a pre-existing following or backer list.

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  1. Dale Schmidt

    I was also contacted by Crowdfund Clicks after launching my project on Kickstarter. I was approved for one of there plans at 10% of sales they bring in. I just had to provide them with a modest budget to run the ads and they setup the tracking and did the rest. Now I’m getting strong sales without doing much work so I’m more than happy to share a percentage with them!

    1. Walter Lewis Post author

      That’s good news Dale. Many people contacting this forum need someone to help and get results and cant afford to fail. Glad you are on track to funding your business venture. Feel free to share the link to your project.

  2. Julie Lawrence

    After 2 weeks of going back and forth w/ Gary and Sarah at Crowdfund Clicks they accepted my project and agreed to do a performance deal. They are my the biggest source of new backers besides the Kickstarter traffic. Make sure you get with them early because lots of people are contacting them. It took them a while to schedule me in and then it took 2 days to get situated before any sales came in. Overall not as much time as I wanted to give them but still worth it even after giving kickstarter and them a cut.

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