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    I was recently contacted by CrowdfundClicks about my Kickstarter project. After looking online I found a few positive crowdfund clicks reviews about them that show encouragement but I was wondering if anyone on here has used them?? I don’t wanna get scammed. Please share your experience.

    They said that they will basically manage all the Facebook ads promotions for my project if I enroll into one of their % based plans. I know that I have a good product so that’s probably why they approached me cause it could be very lucrative for them. The pricing is reasonable as far as what I’ve seen elsewhere but I can’t afford to do it unless it will get my crowdfunding project results. They do basically guarantee results which is nice to see. Anyone use Crowdfund Clicks before or have any Crowdfund Clicks reviews?

    Here is their website it looks really legit: https://crowdfundclicks.com


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    I’ve heard of First Wave PR they are not a scam. They work with Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns and supposedly do a good job in getting results. If all you want is some PR coverage and more funding from crowdfunding PR then you they will do that. I did some digging and also found that firstwavepr.com was recently featured in quite a few entrepreneur blogs which is also a good sign.

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    I was also contacted by Firstwavepr and spoke to their team on the phone. My partner grilled them on marketing and PR questions and they seemed to know their stuff!! We signed up with them yesterday and so far so good.

    The PR content we got back today is top notch and also pretty funny. They are going to start sending it to different bloggers and such. They did a good job on making our comedy film seem fun and interesting. At this point we need more exposure if we want to hit our funding goal and especially our stretch goal so we needed them. Wish us luck!

    Profile photo of Randel B.Randel B.

    @fred2015 I wouldn’t worry too much about first wave pr. It looks they’ve been around for a few years now so they seem legit. Their website firstwavepr.com was registered back in 2013:

    [Creation Date: 2013-04-18T23:42:50Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2017-04-18T23:42:50Z
    Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC]

    According to their website they also have “thousands of satisfied clients”, which is a bold claim but if you think about the math it makes sense since they’ve been around so long. hopefully they can help you get noticed and make you some money.


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    Might be too late for the OP but man he was lucky they selected his crowdfunding project! I used First Wave PR for my indiegogo project and they did exactly what they promised. They have a small team but I noticed that they give you a lot of their time. We raised nearly $25,000 for our brand of bamboo sunglasses. I’d say roughly about 75% of the funding came from complete strangers brought in from First Wave PR efforts. They got us featured in a ton of blogs and even print newspapers which i used on my project page to show how popular we were getting (link below). It made our brand look super big and trending, which I think also helped us get overfunded.


    I’d say don’t pass them up if you have chance to work with them!

    -Waybu Team

    Profile photo of Curtis LynchCurtis Lynch

    Glad i saw this. gonna contact them tomorrow. What if they didn’t contact you can you just contact them and signup??

    Profile photo of AshleyyyAshleyyy

    Curtis I don’t think so. They need to approve your Kickstarter / indiegogo project. I saw an Ad for their agency so I contacted them. I would call and see if you can get someone there to review your project. Their team is pretty laid back but they told me that they can only take on a certain number of projects each week (i think it was a 10-12 projects not sure) because of their size. So if they have room then I dont see why they wouldnt try to fit you in. I enrolled into their Top Level Plan 9 days ago and I am very pleased with how everything is going. We still have 21 days left on our project so if this pace continues I will definitely get funded and finally launch my own business!! 🙂

    Profile photo of Sean HolmsSean Holms

    If the company has been around a while and you can talk to a company rep on the phone then they don’t sound like a scam at all. If they know what they’re doing and you need help then I see no reason why you shouldn’t try it in my opinion.

    Profile photo of Bryan HicksBryan Hicks

    I just googled First Wave PR. Doesn’t show ANY bad reviews. Thats a really good sign for two reasons:

    1) they must have satisfied customers and resolve any customer issues that do arise.

    2) They must only work with projects that they think they can get good results for.

    If more crowdfunding services did that vetting then they might have as good of reputation. Congrats on getting selected by them.

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    Profile photo of Randel B.Randel B.

    Interesting. I’ll have to check them out. Also Backer Flood got on my radar. But I still need to actually apply to use their services since they take a percentage.

    Profile photo of StephenPowXTStephenPowXT

    Read some good crowdfund clicks reviews and saw that they also got featured in the press for their work. Everyone else that emailed me looked like junk so far. How about you?

    Profile photo of StephenPowXTStephenPowXT

    I’m already spending money on facebook doing boosted posts, but honestly I have no idea what I’m doing anyway. May as well let crowdfund clicks manage the ads if they only get a percentage of the sales they can produce for me. So far all the backers are people i know. Hopefully crowdfundclicks can change that for me. God knows I need the help with this and I underestimated crowdfunding a bit. Time to step things up or else!


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