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    Which is most important if you are trying to put together a marketing strategy for a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project? I’d like some of the more experienced members to weigh in please. If you have successfully funded a project then let us know which ones you used or didn’t use. Thanks!

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    Well I know which one is not important: SEO. Nobody is going to search for a crowdfunding project on google. This rarely happens. Why? People go to google to shop for something they need right then and there. Crowdfunding is not a place to go shopping for instant gratification. It takes months (sometimes years) to get your product from a crowdfunding campaign. So SEO is just not a good fit.

    That being said, SEO doesn’t really get their attention for your story. That’s more up to crowdfunding PR strategies or social media. I think both of those are much more suited for crowdfunding.

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    Crowdfunding PR is at the top. There’s no other way to reach so many people the right way. It really tells your story and gets peoples attention, which are the two things you need to do to get them to actually support you. Also crowdfunding PR agencies that have experience with crowdfunding PR will always get you the most bang for your buck.

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