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    Although this forum doesn’t ordinarily do reviews of crowdfund services or endorse them, one service stands out as a helpful resource for crowdfunders that deserves recognition. BackerFlood.com is changing the game when it comes to crowdfund marketing. If you’ve ever launched a crowdfunding project or two then you know how many emails you get from random websites claiming to “help”. Many of the services are obviously not useful, such as $5 shares or $50 promotion packages that promise millions of eyeballs. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is. Most of the low tear services are based in India.

    Other services in the US charge thousands of dollars upfront. In light of the current landscape of crowdfund marketing, BackerFlood comes as a pleasant surprise. Their reputation is great among the crowdfunding community. They have been helping crowdfunders since 2013. That alone puts them miles ahead of the competition. But their real gem is the fact that they use performance marketing to get you funded. They are in it with you, so to speak, because they get a percentage of the sales they bring you.

    I wanted to dedicate a thread to talking about them because I think its a great resource for anyone trying to promote their Kickstarter or Indiegogo project. Now while it sounds like Backer Flood may be the cure for all the ills of crowdfunding, it should be mentioned that the agency has a set of standards before taking you project on. They wont take on a project that they think will not get funded. They need to be brutally honest at times if they are going to stay in business working primarily on a percentage.

    Backer Flood manages all the social media marketing for the project. This is a big relief because that’s usually the hardest part of promoting a project. You need to know all the nuances of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc in order to get real results from it. Just sharing a post on Facebook over and over is well, sharing a post to a couple hundred people that might not be buyers. It won’t do much except annoy your friends!

    Backer Flood takes a certain percentage depending on what kind of project you have and the plan you qualify for. All of their packages have some initial costs because that’s just the nature of social media marketing – it takes money to start making money. But once they narrow down your audiences they can drive large amounts of backers and take a % of the sales. It’s a very fair way to promote a project that 99% of crowdfunders would likely agree to, if they qualify for it.

    My advice is to make sure your project is ready to go before contacting BackerFlood. You want to put your best foot forward so that they accept your campaign and start promoting you while your project is still new and fresh. Some users on the forum have reported that if you wait until only a couple weeks then they are far less likely to accept your project. I hope this review helps shed some light on the confusing world of crowdfund marketing services. Good luck out there!


    P.S. more info can be found on their website here: https://BackerFlood.com

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